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The Loneliest Spaceman

The Loneliest Spaceman

As you look about my portfolio of mine, it should be obvious that I have a very diverse range of skills; skills I’m always working to improve. I’ve always been that way. Most kids when asked what they want to be have a simple answer. Astronaut. And I wanted to be an astronaut too, but I also wanted to be a great writer, and a comic book artist, a comedian, and so on. I grew up thinking that someday I’d have to make a decision, figure out the one career path that really defined me. Eventually, I realized there was nothing further from the truth, and I’ve been blessed with the chance to enjoy a variety of awesome jobs, excelling at each in my own way. Some of my past work…

• Internet marketing manager with 30+ clients
• Editor-in-Chief of a gaming media site with over 2.5 million YouTube views
• Social media manager for one of the top-five fast food chains
• Lead art director on a best-selling card game and mobile app
• Trailer director for major Xbox and PlayStation console games
• More!

My logo, the little spaceship up there, is; aside from being the first thing I ever drew in Adobe Illustrator back in High School; also a tiny representation of my character. I believe people can do just about anything, assuming they obey the laws of physics and study up on the perils of time paradoxes before building that flux capacitor. I consider myself many things, a writer; an artist; a journalist; a comedian; an actor; a graphic designer; a web guru… hell, I’ve even been known to bust out a freestyle rap if the beat hits me right (please don’t ask me to prove this skill, it’s humiliating). Point is I don’t think it’s going to happen, but if tomorrow I woke up and decided I wanted to be an astronaut, then rather than weigh that sudden life decision with any semblance rationality I’d be running out the door with my space helmet on. And if NASA won’t have me then to hell with them. I’ll just strap some booster rockets to an oil drum and hope for the best.

That’s just who I am, tell me I can’t do something and I’ll risk terrible injury to myself just to prove you wrong. Tell me that dreams are an intangible resource incapable of powering a rocket and I’ll happily ride that impossible spacecraft all the way to the stars.

In short, I am a goofy-looking Italian dude in need of work. Hopefully we’ll be in touch.

Vito Gesualdi