North Nowhere

Art / Design

Star Realms & Expansions (2013-Present)

Star Realms is a tactical card game, available as both a physical product and mobile/tablet game. I have served as the game’s lead graphic designer since 2013.

Untitled-1 Crisis2 ColonyWars United
Star Realms is the original card game, winner of numerous board game awards. Star Realms: Crisis is the first series of small expansion packs for Star Realms. Star Realms: Colony Wars is the first full-size expansion for Star Realms. Star Realms: United is the second small expansion for Star Realms.

White Wizard Games Products

In addition to my work on Star Realms, I have provided both guidance and hands-on graphic support for the many additional products published by White Wizard Games.

HeroRealms Epic tyrant  blank
Hero Realms is a fantasy themed spin-off of Star Realms. Epic Card Game is a collectible card game set in a fantasy universe. (Page coming soon) Epic: Tyrants is the first series of small expansion packs for Epic.

Other Projects

mc Emblems
Decked Drafter is an iOS app which helps Magic: the Gathering fans learn to play. I provided the app icon and marketing materials. Midnight City was an independent video game publisher. I provided various marketing designs. was a popular site and YouTube channel for fans of Magic: the Gathering. I was editor-in-chief, and the site’s designer. Game Minimalism is a currently unfinished poster set re-imagining classic video game covers. (Page coming soon)
logos  blank
You-Go Builder is an iOS app which helps players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game organize their collection. I provided the app icon and marketing materials. Ranger Wars is an Xbox Live Indie game for four players. I was the game’s lead graphic designer. Various logos and other art can be found here!