North Nowhere

Hero Realms


Hero Realms is a fantasy card game and a spin-off of Star Realms, the game for which I am lead graphic designer. Naturally, I took part in the process of helping re-theme our popular game for a “swords and sorcery” loving audience.

Icon Design
Early on in the process I helped guide the game’s design with the help of art director Darwin Kastle. Preliminary designs I provided helped set the stage for the final designs as provided by our contracted artists.

iconsLeft: My preliminary icon designs. Right: Final icons designs by Antonis Papantoniou

Card Layouts
I was also charged with helping determine the final layout of the cards, suggesting fonts/font sizes and the positioning of the various icons. This was a more challenging process than you might expect, however we found a design which does a good job of communicating what each card does in a clean and simple manner.


My other major contribution to the project was the packaging. This was my largest packaging design job to date: five different card packages and six different retail displays. This is definitely the aspect of the project I am most proud of, and I hope the bright designs will stand out on game store shelves.




Boss Cards
I also designed the frame for the first of many imposing boss cards, trying to match my designs for the original Star Realms boss cards but updating to the game’s fantasy style.tibus