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Vito Gesualdi
Vallejo, California | 857-294-7262 |

General Employment

White Wizard Games; Framingham, MA
Lead Graphic Designer (May 2013 – Current)

  • • Responsible for all major graphic elements of the retail and mobile card game Star Realms, including card design, logos, packaging and digital user interface (UI).
  • • Created graphic assets / brand guidelines to help subcontracted artists maintain cohesive product identity.
  • • Helped build and promote three major crowdfunding campaigns, each exceeding their funding goals. (Star Realms, 51k raised. Epic Card Game, 585k raised. Hero Realms, 555k raised).
  • • Star Realms has been nominated for several major board game awards, including South by Southwest’s (SWSW) Table Top Game of the Year.

Midnight City; Oakland, CA
Creative Director (August 2013 – October 2014)

  • • Acted as director of original video content and promotional material for subsidiary of video game publisher Majesco.
  • • Created multiple video trailers for the brand’s flagship titles, including Double Fine’s “Costume Quest 2” and Blue Isle’s “Slender: the Arrival.” These trailers were seen on the webpages of major gaming outlets and used for in-store kiosk displays.
  • • Helped establish brand identity through production of unique content celebrating independent game creators.
  • • Provided on-site coverage and public relations support at important gaming events, including Tokyo Game Show and PAX Prime.; San Francisco, CA
Editorial Staff / Cameraman (January 2013 – July 2013)

  • • Provided regular editorials on the topic of electronic gaming, including news coverage, consumer reviews, and editorials.
  • • Acted as cameraman for coverage of Los Angeles events. Responsible for all aspects of production including lighting, sound, cinematography and editing.

Effbees Inc; Culver City, CA
Social Media Consultant / Community Manager (October 2011 – February 2013)

  • • Helped build authentic social media campaigns for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including popular fast-food brands, lifestyle retailers, and video game publishers.
  • • Assisted in the daily management of social media feeds, crafting unique content for use on Facebook, Twitter and company blogs.
  • • Facilitated brand discussion, responding to fan posts in-character, directing consumers to the proper customer service channels, and deleting inappropriate content and spam posts.
  • • Edited custom video content to play on store kiosk displays nationwide.
Senior Editor (August 2011 – October 2012)
Editorial Staff (July 2010 – July 2011)

  • • Provided editorial direction and content for popular internet website concerning video games.
  • • Managed a rotating staff of 10-12 freelance writers and video producers, dictating editorial content and arranging for timely coverage of gaming news and retail releases.
  • • Fully responsible for all aspects of production on various original video productions, including concept, script, directing and editing.
  • • Provided coverage of various high-profile gaming events like E3 and PAX, conducting developer interviews, game previews, and special event spotlights.
Webmaster/Editor in Chief (March 2010 – March 2014)

  • • Directed a growing staff of 8-10 freelance writers and video producers covering the hobbyist card game Magic: The Gathering.
  • • Used targeted SEO strategies to encourage site growth, providing detailed keyword usage guidelines to contributors.
  • • Implemented aggressive video content strategy, with DraftMagic’s YouTube account receiving 250,000+ video views monthly in 2013.

Povo Inc; Boston, MA
Account SEO Manager (June 2009 – December 2010)

  • • Worked to optimize web presence and improve search engine rankings for a rotating client base of 40+ Boston area businesses and restaurants.
  • • Created tailored SEO content for use on priority business listing sites including Google Maps, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp and others.
  • • Assisted clients in establishing a strong social media presence, including the set-up and maintenance of Facebook business pages, Twitter accounts and Constant Contact email marketing.
  • • Provided website maintenance and support to clients, working to update existing pages and fix faulty HTML and CSS code.

GameStop; Amherst, MA
Register Jockey (October 2004 – December 2008)

  • • Sold shiny electronic distractions to local area youth to try and keep them away from “the drugs.”

Contractual / Freelance Work

Gungho Online Entertainment; Los Angeles, CA
Video Producer (October 2015 – Current)

  • • Directed video trailers to showcase upcoming game releases.

Iron Galaxy; Chicago, IL
Video Producer (January 2015 – February 2016)

  • • Directed video trailers to showcase upcoming game releases.

Decked Studios
Editorial and Graphic Contractor (Various Dates, 2011)

  • • Provided graphic design, and editorial support for the iPhone apps “Decked Drafter” & “You-Go Builder.”
  • • Created product logo, app icon and splash screen for each app, in addition to eight animated banner ads for various web promotions.
  • • Created all product description and marketing materials for use Apple’s App Store, as well as the official product homepage.
  • • Handled all domestic localization, editing rough translation copy to appeal to an English-speaking audience.

Nubbernaut Studios
Art Director (April 2010-May 2011)

  • • Responsible for all major graphic elements of the Xbox 360 arcade game “Ranger Wars,” including animated character sprites, world designs, and UI.
  • • Directed a team of three additional graphic contributors, helping to maintain a cohesive graphical look despite differing art styles.

Sega of America
Beta Tester (June 2006)

  • • Beta tested the video game Pocket Kingdoms, for the Nokia N-Gage.
  • • Responsible for comprehensive write-ups of any bugs encountered, helping to prepare the game for launch. Letters Columnist (September 2005 – July 2006)

  • • Wrote a daily letters column for popular internet website concerning video games.

Produced Projects

Game Town
Writer, Producer (May 2013) ·

  • • 5 minute pilot episode produced for Fox’s open submission call. Available at
  • • Logline: After losing everything, game programmer Michael Clark takes a job at the struggling GameTown Studios, hoping to rebuild his career. When a bad review puts GameTown on the verge of bankruptcy, Mike must work together with his nerdy coworkers to save the company from a hostile takeover by his hated rival.

Prison Planet
Writer, Producer (April 2012)

  • • 5 minute pilot episode. Available at
  • • Official selection: Channel101 Film Festival
  • • Logline: On the desolate wasteland that is Prison Planet, exiled prisoners struggle simply to stay alive. So when a hapless pair of thieves stumble across the amnesia-suffering “Prince of the Galaxy” they realize he could be their ticket home. But first, they’ll have to keep the prince safe from King Garganon and his clan of moronic cannibals.

Computer Skills

  • • Languages and Software – HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel.
  • • Social Media & Advertising Platforms – Bing Local, Facebook for Business, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Local, Twitter, Yahoo Local, YouTube Partner Program, WordPress, Twitch.
  • • Operating Systems – Windows, Macintosh, Linux.