North Nowhere

Star Realms: Colony Wars


Star Realms: Colony Wars is the first full-size expansion for Star Realms. Equal in size to the original game, Colony Wars is also playable as a standalone game. As such, we needed a bold colorful design which could help pull eyes to the shelf and get people interested in this new product.


Top – Original logo treatment. Below – The logo after my refinements (with some color options).

The basis for the logo came from Kaile Dutton, who I love! She uses textures and colors in a way that blow me away. Unfortunately she was pulled away from the project before the Colony Wars logo could be completely finished, but I was able to take her starting point and refine it to the point where it was ready for print.




Though the original Star Realms featured lots of grey metallic hues, our commissioned artwork had become more and more colorful over time. Embracing this new brand direction, the packaging utilized lots of bright blue hues (and a giant space monster for good measure!)