North Nowhere

Star Realms: Crisis


Crisis was the first small expansion set for Star Realms. At the time of it’s printing I had my hands full helping design the mobile game, and thus most of Crisis’s branding and packaging work fell to the talented Kaile Dutton. However, to keep the game’s style consistent, I was tasked with the layout of Crisis’s 32 new cards, including the designs for two new card types.




Events are a card type which must be immediately dealt with when they are revealed at random from the game’s deck. As such, we needed a frame which communicated a sense of urgency. I used an orange & black color scheme to try and replicate the look of police caution tape (with some dirty metallic textures to stay on theme!).




Hero cards represent various figures in the Star Realms universe, and needed a special frame which could indicating that the card provides certain color-related bonuses (an important aspect of the game) but are not actually aligned with any particular faction color.

To keep away from the four primary colors, a metalic grey/black color scheme was used for the majority of the card. The art frame’s unique swooping lines indicate that the card differs from the game’s other cards, and can be interpreted as giving the viewer a glance through a porthole in the side of a starship. Finally, the colored hero “tag” indicates which of the game’s factions the card provides bonuses to, and stylistically help the card to further stand out.