North Nowhere

Star Realms: United


Star Realms: United is the second small-sized expansion set for the game. This was the first time since the original game where I was tasked with every single aspect of the graphic production. It was a big undertaking, but I am very pleased with how it came out..


The United logo above draws inspiration from military badges/insignia. With the game’s four factions joining hands for the first time, a level of ceremonial decoration seemed appropriate.


Faction Emblems

icons3newiconsAbove – Original faction emblems. Below – United faction emblems.


With the game’s factions pairing up, it was important to find a way to communicate this visually. Ultimately, we decided on the below icons, which combine the imagery of the original faction icons, with bright colors against black to help players identify the two factions being combined. .


Card Frames


The new faction pairings were also represented by new card frames, which combine graphical elements from both of the factions.


Mission Cards


Missions give players a unique mission objective and a reward for completing it. I provided a few color options, but we ultimately settled on a classic blue / gold pairing. The golden wings are again reminiscent of a military badge: perhaps the medal of honor for those able to complete these quests?



The game’s display box came together at the eleventh hour, after the original distribution plans were scrapped (originally each pack was to be sold in a separate display). I’m fairly pleased with what I was able to put together on short notice.


The packs themselves I absolutely love. I think these raise the bar compared to our previous packaging attempts for similar products: bold, colorful, and clearly establishing that each pack is part of a set. Hopefully players see these packs and are unable to resist “purchasing the rainbow.”