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Star Realms

Star Realms is a tactical card game, now available as both a physical product and mobile/tablet game. I was the lead graphic designer of the game, helping take it from a humble design document, to a successful Kickstarter campaign, to South by Southwest’s (SXSW) Table Top game of the year. Star Realms is the largest design project I’ve ever undertaken, and I’m very proud of the game’s success! Below is a small sampling of my total work.



The circular “star” logo seen above is used as the game’s primary branding on cards and merchandise, though the circular shape makes it unsuited for some marketing / packaging purposes. I also produced this alternate “emblem” logo for these uses



Faction Emblems

Icon_MachineCult Icon_StarEmpire Icon_TheBlobIcon_TradeFederation

Each of the game’s four factions is represented by a unique emblem (from left to right: Machine Cult, Star Empire, The Blob, Trade Federation). I chose to use bold primary colors both to accent the game’s colorful art, and to contrast with the drab palates of modern sci-fi properties.


Card Frames


Each faction has their own unique frame design, which draws from some of the game’s lore. For instance, the scavenging Machine Cult has card frames featuring jagged scrap metal, while the technologically advanced Trade Federation has card frames featuring clean lines and detailed circuitry. The bright colors have helped the game stand out in the marketplace, and never fail to draw the eye at conventions!




One very important element of the game’s success has been the clear and simple iconography. Above we see the icons for trade, combat, authority and defense. These colorful and distinct icons make the game very easy to play, letting players discern what the cards do from a simple glance..



For the game’s deckbox, I went for an eye-catching design that showed off one of our favorite art pieces, as well as the faction emblems. The display box has our art bursting through the scarred metal sides, with the proud Mothership as the display header..


Digital User Interface


In addition to providing the design for the physical product, I also provided the design elements and layouts for the digital game’s user interface (UI). Mockups were created both in Photoshop and within the Unity environment itself.


Star Realms Trailer

The above trailer was put together to help promote Star Realms’ inclusion in the Humble Card Game Bundle. I took our existing art pieces and hand-animated them in After Effects, resulting in what I feel is a very impressive intro! The Star Realms logo was animated using the 3D Elements plugin for After Effects.