North Nowhere

The End of Infinity

As a longtime supporter of traditional arcade culture, I was dismayed to learn that famed Southern California gaming venue ‘Arcade Infinity’ was set to close after ten long years of serving the gaming community. I went down to the arcade and made contact with owner Ken Tao to ask whether he’d allow me and a small team to film some interviews with the players as part of a piece spotlighting the troubles facing not just arcades in America, but small businesses in general. Shooting took place across two days, myself interviewing the players themselves for their opinions on what the arcade meant to them.  Very much a human-interest piece, these gamers clearly had a very close-knit community, many comparing the arcade regulars to their a family. The piece ends with the possibility for AI’s redemption, though sadly after it went live the arcade’s saving grace had proven faulty, and AI was forced to close after all.

I’m very proud of this piece, again spotlighting my ability to put together a piece that both appeals to gamers, yet goes well beyond a simple review. The piece was linked by tens of notable arcade gaming websites, resulting in fantastic exposure for both myself and GameZone.