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You-Go Builder

You-Go Builder is an iPhone app from Singapore developer TJ Soft, intended for fans of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh collectible card game. Users can sort through every card in the game’s history, building their own decks and testing them in the simulator (learn more about the app on iTunes).

The goal here was to produce a bright and vibrant design which appealed to the game’s young audience, without directly infringing on any of the game’s existing copyright. To accomplish this I decided to use the main character’s distinctive silhouette, as well as the sharp bold lines common to Japanese animation. Very pleased with how this one came out!

In addition to design I also provided all marketing materials for the app, including website copy and iTunes store description.

Initial Mockups: 

Secondary Mockups:

Final Icon Design:

iPhone Splash Screen:

Animated Ad Banners: